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Queretaro SESEQ Health Services


Product: Sterimatt, Sterisheen, and Biosheen

Queretaro SESEQ

The Background
The General Hospital of Queretaro required prevention against the growth of microbes through the use of a specialist hygiene coating applied to the ceiling and walls. The purpose of this application was to minimise the spread of hospital acquired infections.

The Problem
Within the hospital there were many areas that required protection, including surgeries used for major operations, postoperative recuperation rooms, intensive care, pre-natal wards, corridors, and other lower risk areas.

The Solutions
Liquid Plastics has a long track record in producing technologically advanced protective coatings for the hygiene sector. For this project the company supplied Sterimatt, Sterisheen, and Biosheen for the lower risk areas. Each product within the hygiene range includes an inherent ingredient that prevents the growth of microorganisms such as mould and bacteria. Once cured they provide an aesthetic functional appearance, and will adhere to many different substrates including metals, ceilings, and tiles.

The Benefits

Liquid Plastics’ hygiene coatings provide continuous protection for at least 10 years and are available in a range of colours. Not only do they provide antibacterial protection, they are also easy to maintain and will withstand cleaning with harsh chemicals. Their elastomeric properties allow impact resistance, and the water based composition means they are free from solvents.

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